Composer, Guitarist

“Ian Krouse's Armenian Requiem...a powerful case for redemption through a timeless and timely pan-religious call to 'fight against oppression', 'not with arms and violence, but with immortal song'.”

- Gramophone, June 2019

“Krouse's music hearkens to a distant and a recent past from the Old World and New World, respectively, melding music of the vernacular and cultivated traditions. [His] idealization of the life and death experience is the epitome of a "totalistic" approach to composition; it bespeaks the essence of humanity." 

- Richard K. Hansen, The American Wind Band: A Cultural History, GIA Publications, Inc.



In June of 2020, Ian Krouse's newest album was released. The album features two of Krouse's most renowned song cycles, Nocturnes and Invocation, performed by their original vocalists.

“This is a stunning work....proof that there still are composers who can summon the heights and depths of humanity in their music.”

- American Record Guide, September, 2019

“ of the most communicative and intriguing young composers on the music scene today.”

- Gramophone

“Krouse seems to have picked up the violin where Samuel Barber set it down. His . . . is passionate music in which the thirst for beauty is intense.”

- Robert R. Reilly, Surprised by Beauty: A Listener's Guide to the Recovery of Modern Music, Ignatius Press, 2016.


LABYRINTH  |  SAN FRANCISCO  |   03.08.2020

Ian Krouse's Labyrinth and Music in Four Sharps was performed by Bill Kanengiser and the Alexander String Quartet at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco, California.

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