Composer, Guitarist

“Ian Krouse's Armenian Requiem...a powerful case for redemption through a timeless and timely pan-religious call to 'fight against oppression', 'not with arms and violence, but with immortal song'.”

- Gramophone, June 2019

“Krouse's music hearkens to a distant and a recent past from the Old World and New World, respectively, melding music of the vernacular and cultivated traditions. [His] idealization of the life and death experience is the epitome of a "totalistic" approach to composition; it bespeaks the essence of humanity." 

- Richard K. Hansen, The American Wind Band: A Cultural History, GIA Publications, Inc.



The September/October 2019 issue of American Record Guide  describes the Armenian Requiem as "stunning" in a detailed review of Krouse's newest NAXOS album.  

“This is a stunning work....proof that there still are composers who can summon the heights and depths of humanity in their music.”

- American Record Guide, September, 2019

“ of the most communicative and intriguing young composers on the music scene today.”

- Gramophone

“Krouse seems to have picked up the violin where Samuel Barber set it down. His . . . is passionate music in which the thirst for beauty is intense.”

- Robert R. Reilly, Surprised by Beauty: A Listener's Guide to the Recovery of Modern Music, Ignatius Press, 2016.


LABYRINTH  |  SAN FRANCISCO  |   03.08.2020

Ian Krouse's Labyrinth and Music in Four Sharps, will be performed by Bill Kanengiser and the Alexander String Quartet at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco, California.

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