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String Quartet No. 1  1975
Antique Suite (after Neusidler) (aka Guitar Quartet No. 1)  1976
String Quartet No. 2    1977

Ten Studies Before a String Quartet  1978
Canon (for two guitars)    1977
Air (for guitar),  1977
Air (for flute and guitar)    1982
Air (for flute and harp)    2000
Guitar Quartet No. 1  1978
Twelve Studies (for two guitars)    1978
Villançicos, Book One (for soprano and guitar),  1978
Sonata for Two Pianos    1976-79
Villançicos, Book Two (for high voice and guitar)    1980
Villançicos, Book Two (for high voice and piano)    1980
Trio (for three guitars)    1981
Toccata (for two pianos)    1982

Symphony No. 1 (Canción de Yerma) (for soprano, baritone, chorus, and orchestra) 1980 
Variations on ‘Non a tempo d’aspettare’ (for three guitars)    1981
Trois Tableaux d’Andersen (for guitar)    1981
Da Chara (flute and guitar)  1984
Tri Chairde (Three Friends) (flute, harp, and viola)   1994

Sevillanas (for chamber orchestra)  1984
Symphony No. 2 (Fantasía Federico García Lorca) (soprano, mezzo-soprano, and chamber orchestra), 1984  
Ballad of Death and the Moon (for mezzo-soprano and orchestra)    1985
Tres Canciones Sobre Lorca (for mezzo-soprano and piano)    1986
Tres Canciones Sobre Lorca (for mezzo-soprano and orchestra)    1986
Tres Canciones Sobre Lorca (for medium female voice, flute, viola, and harp)    2000
Romance de la Guardia Civil Española (for low voice(s) and piano)    1987
Guitar Quartet No. 7 (aka ‘The Civil Guard’) (for low voice and guitar quartet)    1993
Dance of Two Sisters (soprano, mezzo-soprano and two pianos)    1987
Bass Clarinet Concerto; (bass clarinet and orchestra)    1988
Bass Clarinet Concerto (bass clarinet with piano reduction)    1988
Songs from ‘Mariana Pineda’ (voice and piano)    1988
Guitar Quartet No. 6 (aka ‘La Corrida’) (for mezzo-soprano and guitar quartet)    1993
Cuatro Canciones Melancólicos (aka Guitar Quartet No. 8) (for soprano and four guitars)    1993
Bulerías (aka Guitar Quartet No. 3)    1989
Fanfare (for 8 trumpets)    1989
Canciones Españoles Teatrales (for mezzo-soprano and piano)    1989
Roderick Usher’s ‘Phantasmion’ (Grand Sonata ‘Quasi una Fantasia’) (guitar)    1990
Cuando se abre en la mañana (for high soprano and guitar)    1990
First Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra    1991
First Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra (piano reduction)    1991
Tientos (for flute and string trio)    1991
Tientos (for flute and string orchestra)    1991
Tientos (for flute and piano)    1992
Thamar y Amnón (for flute, viola, and harp)    1991
Thamar y Amnón (for flute, viola, and piano)    1997
D’ror Ykro (Chassidic Song for guitar),  1992
Symphonies of Strings No. 2 (‘Song of Freedom’)    1993
Bernarda Alba’s Lament (for mezzo-soprano and orchestra)    1992
Variations on a Moldavian Hora (for guitar), 1992
Folías (aka Guitar Quartet No. 4),  1992
Symphonies of Strings No. 1 (‘La Follia’) (for double string orchestra)   1993
Portrait of A Young Woman (for two guitars)    1992

Sonata-Fantasy (On a Sephardic Theme) (flute and two guitars)    1995 (rev. 2013)

Labyrinth (On A Theme of Led Zeppelin) (aka Guitar Quartet No. 5)    1995
Cantiga Variations (Fractal On An Ancient Spanish Song) (for four guitars and orchestra)    1995
Variations On A Theme of Benjamin Britten (for wind ensemble)    1995
Cinco Canciones Insólitas (for mezzo-soprano, flute, viola, and harp)    1996

Dos Canciones Insólitas (for mezzo-soprano and two harps) 1987
Motet (On A Theme of Henry Purcell) (for tenor and chamber ensemble)    1997

Río de llantos (flute, violin, viola, cello, and piano)    1998
First American Interlude (for orchestra)    1998
River of Stars (Amanogawa) (for SSAATTBB Chamber Choir)    1999
Second American Interlude (for wind ensemble) 1999
Elegy (violin and piano)    1999
Symphony No. 4 (Crónica del último año en la vida de un mexicano) (for orchestra)  2000

Crónica del último año en la vida de un mexicano (for seven percussion soloists and wind ensemble), 2000

Piano Murmurs (violin, clarinet, cello, and piano) (formerly known as ‘Hommage à Messiaen’), 2000
Piano Murmurs (piano, clarinet, and string orchestra)    2000
Lullaby (flute, harp and viola)    2000
Air (aka Santa Susana School Song) (for flute, string quartet, and piano)    2001
Air (aka Santa Susana School Song) (solo piano version)    2001
Air (aka Santa Susana School Song) (guitar lead sheet with lyrics)    2001
Two Japanese Songs (formerly known as ‘At the Edge of Firelight’) (alto flute, harp and viola)    2001
Eternal Lullaby (violin, clarinet, and piano)    2001
Chiacona (guitar and organ)    2002
Chiacona (guitar and orchestra)    2007
Double Concerto for Violin, Clarinet and Wind Ensemble    2004

Music in Four Sharps (for guitar and string quartet)  2004

Music in Four Sharps (aka 'Guitar Quartet No. 9')  2012

Lorca, Child of the Moon (An opera in three acts)    1984-2005
Invocation (soprano and piano)    2006
Cho-hon (soprano and orchestra)    2006

Symphony No. 5 'A Journey Towards Peace'  2017

On the Beach At Night (baritone, violin and wind ensemble)    2006
On the Beach At Night (baritone, violin and piano)    2006

it is at moments after i have dreamed (SSAATTBB choir)    2007
Cantar de los Cantares (soprano, clarinet and piano)    2007
Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking (mixed chorus a cappella)    2009
Planxty Heather MacLaughlin and Alan Johnston (guitar and piano)    2010
Planxity (aka 'Guitar Quartet No. 11) (for guitar quartet)  2017

Nocturnes (baritone, two violins, viola, cello and bass) ††    2010
Nocturnes (baritone and piano) ††    2010

Nocturnes (for orchestra)  2018
Fire of Sacrifice (soprano solo and a cappella choir) ††   2012
DADGAD (solo guitar)    2012
StarWaves (Second Labyrinth, On A Song of Nick Drake) aka Guitar Quartet No. 10 (guitar quartet)     
Incantation and Fire Dance (violin and guitar)    2013
Two Sephardic Songs (alto, flute, harp and viola)    2014
Two Sephardic Songs (soprano, flute, harp and viola)    2014
Armenian Requiem (chorus, soloists and orchestra) ††    2015

Armenian Requiem (piano version)

Etudes (for one and two pianos) 2017

Hov Arek (after Komitas) (clarinet or voice and string quartet) 2020

Variations and Fugue On A Theme of Brahms (flute, harp, and viola)   2020

i carry your heart (3rd American Madrigal) (for SSAATTBB choir)   2020
Fanfare for the Heroes of the Korean War (for orchestra) 2020

I nənjmaned arqayakan, 'Arise from your royal slumber' (for guitar)  2021

The Night of the Galactic Train  (in progress)

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