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Krouse's Third American Madrigal Premiered by the Golden Bridge Ensemble

Ian Krouse's Third American Madrigal, 'I Carry Your Heart', premiered tonight at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills, CA by the Golden Bridge Ensemble. Conducted and commissioned by director Suzi Digby, the work is one of several compositions by California composers that Digby paired with an English Renaissaince piece. Krouse's madrigal is paired with a work by Christopher Tye, which Krouse freely paraphrases throughout his madrigal. At the performance, Krouse noted what an honor it was to share a program with his teacher and mentor, Morten Lauridsen, who also had two works on the program.

Krouse completes three-day recording session for William Kanengiser album, The British Invasion

Ian Krouse spent the last two and a half days in an intense recording session at UCLA Ostin Recording studio producing William Kanengiser's new album, The British Invasion. The album will include the guitar quintet arrangement of Krouse's Music in Four Sharps, as well as the debut recording of the quintet version of Krouse's Labyrinth. It will be released under Fog Horn Classics in mid to late 2022. 

The Beau Soir Ensemble records Ian Krouse's Tri Chairde and Lullaby

The Beau Soir Ensemble, a flute, viola, and harp trio based in Washington DC, has spent the Fall season performing Ian Krouse's Lullaby and Tri Chairde (also known as Three Friends). In order to experience the performances live, view their YouTube page where the ensemble has recently uploaded new recordings of Tri Chairde and Lullaby.

Krouse's latest album is reviewed by American Record Guide

Ian Krouse's latest album, Nocturnes; Invocation, has been reviewed by Nathan Faro for the November/December issue of American Record Guide. Faro, who claims the album continues "to show off [Krouse's] wonderful vocal writing," praises the song cycles' balance of atonality and diatonicism. To download or read the full review, click here.

Krouse's Latest Album, Ian Krouse: Nocturnes, Invocation, is Released with NAXOS

With references to Beethoven and Schubert, metaphors of darkness and light are conveyed with powerful emotion in Nocturnes, which sets four texts by well-known Armenian poets to form an odyssey through the mind of a man at mid-life. With profound sadness at its heart, Invocation explores the intangibility of love, contrasting atonality and tonality to express emotional outpourings that ultimately remain ephemeral and elusive. Both of these song-cycles are performed by the singers for which they were composed. To listen, proceed to Ian's Discography

Krouse's 5th Symphony premiere performance and recording to take place this fall in Seol, South Korea

On November 12th 2019, the Seocho Philharmonia, conducted by Jong Bae, will perform the world premiere of Krouse's Symphony No. 5 (aka 'American Interludes') honoring the 70th Anniversary of the Korean War. Soloists Michael Dean (baritone) and Jens Lindemann (trumpet) are featured. Michael Dean sings in the third movement a text by Walt Whitman. The performance will take place at the Lotte Performance Hall.

Krouse's Armenian Requiem receives heralding review by the American Record Guide

The September/October 2019 issue of American Record Guide  describes the Armenian Requiem as "stunning" in a detailed review of Krouse's newest NAXOS album. Reynolds, the reviewer, "highly recommends" the work "to all choral buffs and people who need proof that there still are composers who can summon the heights and depths of humanity in their music." To view the full review from American Record Guide, click here.

Rio de Janeiro columnist brings attention to Krouse

Brazilian journalist Mariana Camargo publishes column entitled "Musica em Pauta" (aka "Music on Staff") in the Jornal do Brasil. The column seeks to bring attention to the music of Ian Krouse in Brazil, wherein Camargo believes there is a demand for modern classical music. At present, American classical music performances are minimal, but Camargo believes awareness will fuel appreciation. Nocturnes, Labyrinth and more are mentioned. Click here to be redirected to full article. View translation here.

Krouse is acknowledged at special reception for UCLA's Armenian Music program

The Mirror Spectator, an Armenian online publication, recognizes Krouse as a key influence in the growth of UCLA's Armenian Music program. A special reception was held in Glendale, California in honor of this new program at UCLA. To view the Mirror Spectator article in full, click here.

New Commissions from Debussy Trio and more

This summer Ian is delving into several new commissions. One is for the Debussy Trio. (Visit their website for more information.) Additionally, Krouse is beginning another new work that is based on a Led Zeppelin song called DADGAD for Shahab Paranj and Sohrab Pournazeri, two world-class Iranian musicians, and string quartet, which will be showcased on a 2019-2020 winter tour. As well, Krouse is transforming his well-known Labyrinth on a theme of Led Zeppelin (originally for guitar quartet)  into a new version for guitar and string quartet (his second work for guitar quintet) to be premiered at San Francisco's Herbst Theater in March, 2020 by William Kanengiser and the Alexander String Quartet.

2019 Recording Projects: Alexander Quartet, Seocho Philharmonic, and more

Fall and Winter 2019 are packed with numerous recording projects involving Krouse's works. In November, Krouse will be heading to Korea with Michael Dean to record his 5th Symphony with Maestro Jong Bae of the Seocho Philharmonic. Also in the Fall, Krouse will be in Georgia completing a CD project with Anastasia Petanova (flute), Ines Thomé (guitar), and Michael Gratovic (guitar). 

MGQ takes their newest album, Evocación, on tour

Minneapolis Guitar Quartet's newest album was released on February 16th. The album contains Krouse's StarWaves, a work commissioned by MGQ back in 2017. The work will be performed at concerts and festivals throughout the summer. For more information on MGQ's newest album Evocación, proceed to Krouse's discography or MGQ's website. For information on concerts, proceed to Krouse's concerts page, or MGQ's schedule.

Río de Llantos upcoming concert & recording session

On May 1st, Río de Llantos will be recorded in Los Angeles at UCLA's Ostin Recording Studio for publication on an album to be released later this year.  This recording session will be preceded by a concert on April 30th in Schoenberg Auditorium. For more information, program notes, and more, click here.

UCLA hosts record release reception for Requiem

The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music hosts record release reception for Krouse's Armenian Requiem on NAXOS at the Ostin Recording Studio on March 11th, 2019. In addition to the composer and members of his family, the guests included librettist Vatsche Barsoumian, conductor Neal Stulberg, and more. For more info and reception gallery, click here.

Armenian Requiem released globally on CD and Streaming Platforms 

Today marks the official release Ian Krouse's 2015 Armenian Requiem album by NAXOS Records. The album is internationally available on both digital and compact disc formats. The album release party took place on March 11th, where donors, family, colleagues, and friends gathered to celebrate. For more information on the Armenian Requiem, click here.

Official release date announced for Shank-Hagedorn Duo album featuring Krouse's Music in Four Sharps

The Shank-Hagedorn violin and guitar duo is set to release their newest album, At Home and Abroad, on April 26th of this year. The album opens with the original recording of Ian Krouse's well-known piece entitled Music in Four Sharps, for guitar and string quartet. The piece itself is a reworking of Krouse's guitar duet, Portrait of a Young Woman and has been performed all over the world. For more information on this piece, click here.

NAXOS to Release Album with Krouse Song Cycles 

NAXOS has agreed to release a second album with two of Ian Krouse's song cycles - Op. 54 Invocation and Op. 60 Nocturnes - in time for the next Grammy cycle. The works have already been recorded and mastered and will be available to the public later this year.

Falla Guitar Trio album re-release

Ian is wrapping up the restoration and re-mastering of the Falla Trio’s Virtuoso Music for Three Guitars, a 1982 Concord Concerto LP release that won a ‘Best Record of the Year Award’ that year from Stereo Review magazine. This album is scheduled to be re-released on Urtext Digital Classics in 2019.  The album contains transcriptions of works by Bach, Vivaldi, and Manuel de Falla, transcribed by Krouse, and performed by him with partners Kenton Youngstrom and Terry Graves.  This new re-release will contain a bonus track: Krouse’s Trio for Three Guitars, an early award-winning work that has never been released.

Premiere Recording Event for Ian Krouse's Roderick Usher’s ‘Phantasmion,' Op. 25

In Summer, 2019 guitarist Robert Trent will record the premiere recording of Roderick Usher’s Phantasmion at the UCLA Ostin Recording Studio, along with Dror Yikro and two works by Ronald Pearl.  To be released by Urtext Digital Classics in 2019 or 2020.

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